Water Features and Ponds

Ponds and Water Features

An additional touch of tranquil waters makes your garden more pleasing and relaxing. Water features and ponds serve as an attraction for your serene garden. These fixtures give off a more natural vibe that would make you and your family stay and lounge in your garden for a long period of calming time.

With Bolton Landscaping, we will fulfil your dream of having the best Water Features and Ponds. We enhance our clients’ outdoor living by adding water features that bring out soothing sounds of water flowing. We bet you agree that the sounds of the chirping birds, brushing leaves, and water moving sum up to the gentle breeze of a calming garden, right?

Well, if you do, we have water features and pond building services right for you! Bolton Landscaping’s water features are painstakingly designed according to your preferences. We offer a range of whatever your garden needs.


Who needs to go far for a vacation when you have a beautiful pond right in your home? Not only do ponds enrich your overall property, but its reach goes beyond your garden’s line. The sound waves have the ability to make your landscape more serene and soothing, reaching your home and even your neighbours’!

Indeed, the cool, rippling water is a soothing view and a pleasing sound. Bolton Landscaping will help you achieve ponds that provide a more enjoyable lounging experience to your garden. Perfectly combine your pond with waterfalls and ferns to hug the water feature at every angle!

Pond Bridges

Pond bridges create a stunning focal point for your garden’s water feature. It brings every side of your garden together. Bridges perfectly complete your outdoor living area by connecting one area to another. Guests will definitely love this feature as an addition to your pond, most especially for outdoor gatherings.

Waterfalls and Streams

Bolton Landscaping will bring life to your garden through waterfalls and streams. Allow your family and guests to discover and explore this water feature. Surely, they’ll love being greeted by this beautiful sight!

Our team of professionals at Bolton Landscaping ensures that these waterfalls suit your location. We want your garden to be 100% safe and beautiful at the same time. We prioritize your family’s safety, security while designing water features that beautify your garden. Leave everything to Bolton Landscaping and we’ll ensure captivating waterfalls and streams right in your garden.

Fire Fountains

Step up your landscaping game by adding fire to your water feature! Enjoy a combination of the earth’s wonders – fire and water. Bolton Landscaping can install fire fountains at your convenience. No worries about anything because rest assured that our professionals are highly trained in the installation of these water features.


A whimsical touch to your garden brought by decorative spitters adds up to your garden’s elegance. We, at Bolton Landscaping, are here to bring out the utmost elegance to your garden. Fret not, these spitters come in a variety of styles and sizes. If you find the sound of water in your garden, then spitters might be your perfect beginning.

Decorative Water Features

Something about bubbling water from rocks and water features is effortlessly beautiful. Enjoy the sight of birds chirping and sipping water from these decorative features brought by Bolton Landscaping. Children will absolutely enjoy butterflies flocking to the feature to bathe and sip a drink!

Other Water Features

There are endless possibilities to which water feature you would like to add. Bolton Landscaping provides a wide range of features you may choose from. If you have something in mind, we hope you do not think twice to reach out to us! We, at Bolton Landscaping, will be very happy to fulfil your garden’s needs.

Bolton Landscaping can install are:

  • Butyl Liners for ponds
  • Concrete block and rendered water features
  • Stacked slate wall fountains
  • Monolith rock water features
  • Glass-reinforced plastic
  • Stainless steel water features

Let’s Garden Together

We are looking forward to hearing from you and working together on your garden, whether you just need an occasional hand or would like us to design and build a completely new garden for you.