Garden Design and Planting

Planting and Garden Design

Your garden is your own personal haven. It is a unique space that gives you a breath of fresh air. It can also be an oasis from all the bustle of the world. A garden can be a calming and inspiring space to enjoy the chirping of the birds and the blooming of flowers.

The way your garden looks reflects who you are. It is a mirror to your personality and an extension to your soul. While it can get quite an effort to design a garden, Bolton Landscaping is here to help you with your garden design and planting needs.

We understand how a beautiful and elegant garden can lift your mood up. The warmth of sunshine, the aroma of flowers, and the freshness of the grass can definitely brighten up our mood. Hence, we are here to design, plan, and build the garden of your dreams.

With Bolton Landscaping, we will make sure that you are 100% relaxed, satisfied, and happy with our garden design and planting plans. All these are tailored to fit your style and preference. Here are the garden design and planting services we offer:

Garden Designing

A delightful sight in the form of a lovely and flourishing garden is a sweet escape. A well-designed garden is not only pleasing to the eyes, but it relaxes our minds from all the stresses while inside our home.

At Bolton Landscaping, we find fulfilment and take pleasure when our clients’ expectations are met. We want to provide a garden that is designed to perfection. Not only do we look at the physical aspect of the garden when designing, but we also aim our designs to be practical.

We take into consideration our client’s likes and dislikes. But, don’t worry if you aren’t sure of the specifications of your ideal garden. We’re here to hear you out and help you come up with the best garden design you could ever imagine!

Garden Planning

Alongside garden designing, we plan the placement of every detail we add to your garden. The placement of garden beds, lounging area, lawns, play areas, and more are something we pay close attention to.
We ensure that this plan perfectly suits your site.

At Bolton Landscaping, we are very keen on creating a plan that works for every aspect of your preference. Whether you want a low maintenance garden or a traditional one, our professional team are highly skilled to meet your garden requirements and needs.

We are all ears to know what our clients want. We, at Bolton Landscaping, give utmost value to the vision of our clients. A plan that fits your budget, time frame, and style is what we aim to build.

Planting Perfection

We all want a garden that brings out the utmost beauty of nature. Whatever the season is, we want your plants to be able to cope up and bloom with grace.

With Bolton Landscaping’s planting services, we will ensure that your garden is filled with colour and freshness year-round. We make sure that you have the right plants in your garden depending on your level of planting expertise and the time available for your garden maintenance.

Plant Sourcing

Because we care about the quality of plants we bring to your garden, we specifically source our plants from local growers. Rest assured that these plants are of good quality bringing a blossom-filled ambience to your garden.

As one of the trusted landscaping and garden design companies in Bolton, UK, we are very particular in the assessment of the quality of these plants. We hate bugs as much as you do! We care to inspect these plants to ensure that they live and grow best in your space.

We make sure that our clients enjoy the cool breeze and warm rays of sunshine through our planned planting.

Garden Maintenance

It is very important to maintain your garden. In order to keep your plants alive and thriving, your garden needs to be regularly maintained. You may opt to do that yourself, but, if you’re looking for a lending hand, Bolton Landscaping is here to help!

We offer regular garden services for gardens that we have planned, designed, and built. We make sure that your garden is in the right condition, and the plants are blossoming.

We understand how it is tough to let a plant go. So, with Bolton Landscaping, fear not! We would not let any member of your plant kingdom wilt. We will make sure that all your plants are vibrant and abundant!

Let’s Garden Together

We are looking forward to hearing from you and working together on your garden, whether you just need an occasional hand or would like us to design and build a completely new garden for you.