Artificial Turf

Artificial Grass

Bolton Landscaping provides artificial turf installation with prime importance to clients’ satisfaction and safety. Our artificial turf is made of high-quality premium materials installed by the best and professionally equipped team in Bolton, United Kingdom.

We guarantee that our artificial turf installation is unrivalled. We provide top notch expertise with our years of experience in the field.

Why Choose Bolton Landscaping for Artificial Turfs

  • Top-quality turfs
  • Latest technology
  • Dog-friendly and Child-friendly lawns
  • Highly-efficient equipment and manpower
  • Helpful professionals and employees

Beautify your property through Bolton Landscaping. Partner with us to ensure your lawns look finer, last longer, and function better.

Front and Back Gardens

Planning to have a BBQ party? Having a playdate with your children? You might be thinking of installing an artificial turf to provide a lifelike feel to your garden. Leave that to our professionals at Bolton Landscaping.

We provide the highest quality artificial turf that suits your front and back gardens perfectly. If you want artificial grass that looks and feels all natural, then our service might be the best for you. All our artificial turfs are customised and tailored to match your garden’s shape.

Schools and Nurseries

It is always fulfilling to install artificial turf around Bolton, United Kingdom. What more if we lend our service to kids for their schools and nurseries? We specialise in this job and we want everyone to experience the best out of it. Book Bolton Landscaping to plan out a safe turfed play area for school children!

Balconies and Flat Roofs

Enhance the look of your decks and balconies by installing artificial turf. A turfed area instantly transforms your space to look more natural and refreshing. With the help of our professionals at Bolton Landscaping, you’ll definitely be in awe of the tranquil space bespoke to you!

Artificial turf for Dogs

Oftentimes, natural grass and dogs make a dirty and muddy combination. However, with artificial turfs, you wouldn’t worry about your lawn looking patchy. Run away from all the stresses of your dog’s digging and have an artificial turf installed – only done best by the best: Bolton Landscaping.

Commercial Lawns

You might have crossed commercial properties with artificial turfs installed. Due to its advantages, a lot of commercial installations of fake lawns are widely used. We provide high-quality artificial turf to match your business. To bring your vision to life, we have a great team equipped with high-end vision to match your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions about Artificial Turfs

Q: How long does artificial turf last?
A: Because they’re artificial, our turf at Bolton Landscaping lasts longer than natural grass! Our ranges of artificial turf can serve you for 20 years or more. Of course, given the right level of care and level of traffic your area has. In fact, in that span, it might not even fade or flatten!

Q: Will my garden drain well even with artificial turfs?
A: Yes! Artificial turfs are porous. They drain like real grass. Since artificial grass is porous, it allows rain to drain through into the soil underneath. No worries about soaking turfs, Bolton Landscaping has your back.

Q: Do artificial turfs fade?
A: Good news is, our artificial turf at Bolton Landscaping is of topnotch quality. It will not fade in the sunshine.

Q: Does my artificial turf need on-going maintenance?
A: Yes. But here’s something you should know: it’s generally low maintenance. While maintaining natural grass can get tiring and effortful, the maintenance of artificial turfs is relatively easier. It requires less attention than real grass. Our Bolton Landscapers recommend occasional stiff brushing or hose washing for heavier soiling.

Q: Is artificial turf suitable for a garden with pets and children?
A: Definitely! In reviews from our clients, they say dogs love the artificial turf. These are perfectly safe for families with children if installed correctly. Bolton Landdscaping’s artificial turf provides a wonderful surface for children and pets to run around and play!

Q: Can I install artificial turfs by myself?
A: It is generally possible to lay the grass by yourself. However, we do not recommend this as it can bring you a lot of hassle.

  • Here are some problems you might encounter:
    Irregular surfaces, making laying artificial grass uneven
    Heavy artificial grass

We don’t want you to get stressed out from installing artificial turf, so it is best that you contact us now. Save yourself from all the bustle and let Bolton Landscaping handle your artificial turf’s needs!

Let’s Garden Together

We are looking forward to hearing from you and working together on your garden, whether you just need an occasional hand or would like us to design and build a completely new garden for you.