Dazzling plants, heavenly flowers, and an aromatic breeze put together makes every part of your garden perfect for unwinding. All these reward you with the tranquillity that you can not find elsewhere but your little haven.

You must also note that through an added touch of hard components to your landscape, everything is made functional and practical. The core of landscaping include rockeries, atmospheric lighting, flagging, paving, drainage, and more.

Having a garden that physically establishes and mirrors who you are as a person is refreshing. What more if your garden is at full functionality where you can rest easily without the worry of buzzing concerns? That is why at Bolton Landscaping, we want to bring you a garden that stands out from the rest – one that brings life through an added touch of brilliance, functionality, and personality to your home.

Because we at Bolton Landscaping are dedicated to bringing out the best in your space, we want you to experience landscaping like no other. Through our years of experience and professionalism, we offer you a flawless execution of your dream landscape.

With that, here are the landscaping services that you might schedule with us next:

Soft Landscaping

If you’re not very familiar with landscaping, you’d greatly benefit with our comprehensive soft landscaping services. Included under these services are plants, trees, shrubs, and turf installation. Let us extend a helping hand and allow us to cover all your soft landscaping needs!

Whether you’re thinking of levelling up your garden through additional turfs, plants, or even the addition of ponds, we’re here to assist you with that. Feel free to let us know your soft landscaping needs so we can prepare comprehensive planning and landscaping for you.

With our 18 years of experience in the field, we have created fluid and beautiful gardens for our clients. Let’s turn your vision into a garden of reality through our creative and well-trained team with our soft landscaping services:

  • Landscaping around a pond
    Your pond might be the focal point of your property. Truly, a pond is an eye catching sight that may be the best addition to your garden yet. Why not beautify your pond through whimsical landscaping? Bolton Landscapers are highly experienced in generating blossom-filled ideas that may enhance the twists and turns of your pond.
  • Cutting back perennials
    Cutting perennials might be necessary to improve their appearance and flowering. According to experts, it is best to dispose of old growths to provide an avenue for new growth when spring comes.
  • Mulching and soil management
    We know how your plants can react greatly to the changes in climate, so it is best to have your soil managed by the experts. To maintain the moisture and prevent stubborn weed from growing in your garden, we place organic or inorganic materials on top of your garden’s surface.
  • Green walls
    Green walls are vertical structures that are perfect for enhancing a property’s visuals. These walls also improve the air quality for enclosed areas. It purifies the air, ensuring a more breathable space indoors.
  • Bedding displays
    Garden beds are among the most beautiful concepts to your garden. To make your beddings even more beautiful, we can place bedding displays in the corners of your garden beds.
  • Native Planting screens
    Some homeowners like enjoying their gardens in private. Combine privacy and lush through installing native planting screens to your space. If you’re the type who wants gatherings and lounging to be a little more personal, then book Bolton Landscaping now!

Hard Landscaping

Hard landscaping completes the look of your garden. From ensuring adequate drainage system to the installation of rockeries, elegant lighting, astro turfs, and stone pavings, our hard landscaping is often the first concern when planning to beautify a garden.

If you’re looking to make your garden whimsical and breathtaking, our talented landscapers from Bolton Landscaping are here to assist you. On top of that, we also carry out garden walling and fencing work. Through this, your property’s security and your family’s safety is assured.

  • Block paving and stonewalling
    Transform your garden through Bolton Landscaping’s block paving and stonewalling. We customise these installations according to your requirements. We guarantee high-quality durable blocks and stones to keep your garden attractive and functional.
  • All aspects of groundwork
    We know how groundwork can get tiring and may cost you a lot of effort and money. Save time and leave all the groundwork to us! Our professional team is here to provide you with hassle-free and cost-effective groundwork.
  • Installing astroturf
    One of the first things that you notice in a garden is the captivating turf. It brings that certain feel of refreshment when you see all those greens. With Bolton Landscaping, we will shoulder all your astroturf installation needs to ensure an attractive view of your landscape.
  • Outdoor lighting
    Outdoor lightings are installed for a number of reasons. One is to highlight the beautiful areas of your garden. Another thing is for security. We want the best of both worlds for you – a safe space and an elegant haven in the form of a blossom-filled garden.
  • Drainage systems
    Drain the water away from your garden and dry out that soggy yard. With Bolton Landscaping, you’ll never worry about clogged drainage and soaking turfs through our professionals who are equipped with skills to plan out the best drainage systems for your garden!
  • Rockeries
    It may take a lot of work to build the perfect rockery that looks natural. But because we carry years of experience on our backs, we guarantee the installation of the best and elegant rockeries for your garden! Let’s turn your vision into reality through our Bolton Landscapers.

Bolton Landscaping is committed to serving you with fresh and bright solutions for your garden. We create, plan, and execute your ideal vision of a timeless garden. We know how much you treasure your space, so rest assured that with us, you’re in the right hands! And by right hands, we mean our professional team, our renowned experience, and guaranteed client satisfaction.

Let’s Garden Together

We are looking forward to hearing from you and working together on your garden, whether you just need an occasional hand or would like us to design and build a completely new garden for you.